Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 16: What you need to know…

Many Democrats are aware that the 2023 Primary Election is coming up. Many know that we are voting to place candidates on the November 7 General Election ballot for state and judicial offices and Chester County Government as well as school board directors and local municipal/township offices.

By now you are probably aware that for ‘non-partisan’ judicial and school director races, candidates may “cross file” onto other party ballots than their own, and this means that extreme right judges and school director candidates are on the Democratic ballot you will complete now (if using a mail-in ballot), or on May 16 at the polls.

Fortunately you all have access to our sample ballots that identify the real Democrats who have been vetted and endorsed by your local Democratic zone and county organizations. PLEASE USE THESE SAMPLE BALLOTS rather than guessing who are the real Democrats. You can find them here on our website, and print or take a photo of them, or simply remember to pick up a sample ballot at the polls if voting in person on May 16, 7am-8pm.