Congratulations to May 18 Democratic Primary Election Candidates – Looking Towards November

Thanks to all Dem voters who voted in-person or by mail on May 18! Turnout in Chester County was 29%, and 48% of that was mail-in ballots.

Congratulations to those earning spots on the November 2, 2021 General Election Ballot:

PA State and County races—

PA Supreme Court: Maria McLaughlin 
PA Superior Court: Timika Lane
PA Commonwealth Court: Lori Dumas and David Spurgeon

Chester County Treasurer  (incumbent): Patricia Maisano
Chester County Controller (incumbent): Margaret Reif
Chester County Clerk of Courts (incumbent): Yolanda Van de Krol
Chester County Coroner: Sophia Garcia-Jackson

Court of Common Pleas: Alita Rovito and Tony Verwey

Local Races—

Magisterial District Judge, 15-1-01:  Marc J Lieberman

East Bradford Supervisor: Bruce Laverty
West Bradford Supervisor: Kelly Jurs

WCASD School  Director, Region 3: Laura Detre and Carrie Stare
DASD School Director, Region 8: Mindy Ross