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For those who plan to vote at the polls on Tuesday, please stop by the Bradford Democrats table at your voting location  and check out our sample ballot. This will help you navigate your vote to tell the real Democrats from the cross-filed Republicans on your Democratic Party ballot for judicial and school director races.

If you signed up to Vote by Mail and have not mailed or dropped off your completed (and signed) ballot, it is too late to mail it, but you still have the option to drop it in a Chester County Voter Services Dropbox, with the nearest most likely most likely at the Downingtown Library (122 Wallace Avenue) or Chester County Government Center building at 601 Westtown Road in West Chester.

Need to see the sample ballot for your precinct? Look here.

Not sure where you vote? Check here.


(Press Release)

Recent untruthful mailers from non-endorsed candidate
Dan Hollander claim to be only Democrat on ballot

West Chester, PA (May 2, 2021) – Voters should know the truth and recognize attempts to mislead them. Fact: Marc Lieberman is the only Democratic candidate for Judge of Magisterial District 15-1-
01 endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC). Mr. Lieberman has been an active, contributing member of the Bradford Democrats as a volunteer and fundraiser for our
candidates. He was a founding member of the Proven Judges PAC which helped elect Democratic judges endorsed by CCDC.
Democratic Committeepersons met and vetted the candidates and formally endorsed Marc  Lieberman, considering his decades of diverse legal experience handling thousands of cases applicable to the role of MDJ, his professional and ethical conduct, and his proven Democratic  values, such as a commitment to moving toward cashless bail, supporting mental health and treatment courts, and support of weddings for all.

Since the February Endorsement Convention, Marc Lieberman has been endorsed by other prominent elected Democrats such as Chesco Sheriff Fredda Maddox, Clerk of Court Yolanda Van de
Krol, Register of Wills Michele Vaugh, Recorder of Deeds Chris Pielli, and Prothonotary Debbie Bookman.

The Bradford Democrats denounce the misleading and manipulative tactics seen during this primary season. Judges are obligated to respect the facts and exhibit judicial temperament. We stand by our endorsement of Marc Lieberman as the one candidate for District Court 15-1-01 who has been forthright with voters.

Tuesday, May 18 is the Pennsylvania Primary. The last day to apply for a Mail-in ballot from Chester County Voter Services is May 11.

The Bradford Democrats believe in Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all Americans regardless of what they believe, who they are, or where they came from. Find them online at

Got Questions?

You may or may not know about the questions on the May 18 Primary Election ballot. Several of these questions aim to amend our State Constitution. Every Pennsylvania voter is eligible to vote on them and they should consider that seriously. To me, it’s a simple matter of caring about the policy that will shape my life. So many times, I think folks forget why local and state government is important. Perhaps they don’t think they’re affected by legislation at this level, but I believe the key is that they haven’t been impacted YET. Another consideration, just because you’re not touched by a law, policy, or process, does that mean it lacks importance? Well, it’s probably important to someone in our community and our empathy during the decision-making process is what it means to be a good neighbor.

To the questions at hand, there are three amendment questions and one referendum. I’ll try to put in in the simplest terms with logical benefits and negatives.


“Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to change existing law and increase the power of the General Assembly to unilaterally terminate or extend a disaster emergency declaration—and the powers of Commonwealth agencies to address the disaster regardless of its severity pursuant to that declaration—through passing a concurrent resolution by simple majority, thereby removing the existing check and balance of presenting a resolution to the Governor for approval or disapproval?” 

  • Reduces the Governor’s power and gives the state legislature control. Doing so could make natural disasters/emergencies a partisan issue, draw out the declaration process, and give the legislature the chance to end the declaration with a simple majority. Allowing the control to reside with our Governor ensures a speedy address to the crisis.


“Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to change existing law so that: a disaster emergency declaration will expire automatically after 21 days, regardless of the severity of the emergency, unless the General Assembly takes action to extend the disaster emergency; the Governor may not declare a new disaster emergency to respond to the dangers facing the Commonwealth unless the General Assembly passes a concurrent resolution; the General Assembly enacts new laws for disaster management?” 

  • Disasters can exceed a 21-day period; They do not have time limits, nor should the declaration. It should not automatically expire. Doing so will disrupt emergency procurements and funding measures.
  • The Governor would also be prohibited from declaring a new emergency and it would be left to the General Assembly to take action, which could be lengthy and politicized.


Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended by adding a new section providing that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of an individual’s race or ethnicity?


  • While there are equal rights laws at the federal level, this would protect Pennsylvanians in the event a federal law change is made.
  • Equal rights would apply to all levels of the commonwealth: local, county, and state governments.


Do you favor expanding the use of the indebtedness authorized under the referendum for loans to volunteer fire companies, volunteer ambulance services and volunteer rescue squads under 35 PA.C.S. Section 7378.1 (related to referendum for additional indebtedness) to include loans to municipal fire departments or companies that provide services through paid personnel and emergency medical services companies for the purpose of establishing and modernizing facilities to house apparatus equipment, ambulances and rescue vehicles, and for purchasing apparatus equipment, ambulances and rescue vehicles, protective and communications equipment and any other accessory equipment necessary for the proper performance of the duties of the fire companies and emergency medical services companies?

  • Expands loans to fire companies, ambulance services, volunteer rescue so that housing, modern facilities, vehicles, protective equipment, other essential equipment can be purchased. This should be a given so that our first responders have the ability to purchase all items to keep their organization functional and safe.

No Rest For The Weary

While we may have had much to celebrate in the Bradfords after the 2020 election, we must not rest on our laurels. We need to continue educating voters, increasing turnout, and electing wonderful candidates to our local, county, and state offices. Did you know that Pennsylvania has an election every year? Registered voters will have two opportunities to vote, in the spring primary and fall general election. This primary there is a twist! If referendum questions are on the ballot, then even Independents can vote in our closed primary. They can only vote on the questions that would change our state constitution. Unfortunately, they cannot vote on the candidates. So what does this referendum pertain to? Why should these questions concern every voter?

  • The first would limit the Governor’s power during emergency declarations. Maybe you disagree, but I believe Governor Wolf demonstrated logical and science based methodology to his mandates during the pandemic. His orders for masks, closings, and testing, have all been with the greater good in mind, to prevent as many Pennsylvanians as possible from contracting Covid and reducing the spread. Passing this bill could greatly impact the authority of the Governor in future crises
  • The second would in effect centralize the power of selecting judges in our courts to the middle of the state. This is nothing more than blatant gerrymandering. Manipulating the geography of our districts in order to sway votes in favor of one party’s agenda should absolutely not be allowed.
I also wanted to remind you about mail-in voting. If you have not done so, you’ll want to reapply for this option every year. Your mail-in ballot will not arrive automatically. You must request it again. Applications must be received no later than 5/1120 for the 5/18/20 primary.  Apply at:
The Bradfords are still looking for candidates in certain local elections. East Bradford is in need of a supervisor, auditor, tax collector, and constable candidates. There is also a need for a judge of elections and inspector of elections in every precinct. West Bradford is in need of an auditor and constable candidate, as well as a judge of elections and inspector of elections in every precinct. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in joining any of these races.
The candidates that have already thrown their hats in the ring will need nomination petitions signed in order to have their names on the ballot this May. We have scheduled a drive-thru signing event on Saturday, February 20th,  11 AM – 1 PM.
I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the recent House impeachment and Senate acquittal. I cannot fully express my disappointment in the 47 Republican senators that voted to acquit. All I can say is that we will not forget your error and your seats will be in jeopardy. Pennsylvania, and Chester County specifically, did an amazing job mobilizing for the election last year and our efforts helped push Joe Biden over the edge in securing Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. Many of us also made calls, wrote postcards, and donated to Georgia’s senate runoff race. This win for Warnock and Ossoff was essential for reducing the power of Mitch McConnell and leveling the playing field in the Senate. Again, when we come together and combine our resources, we truly have the power to invoke change. That is exactly what we’ll do in 2022 when many of these Republican senators are up for reelection.
With that, I wish you well. Mask up, get vaccinated, stay distant, and stay well.
Bradford Democrats Chair / Zone Leader Theresa Soja