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ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 (unless you vote early by mail)

Many voters would just as soon turn away from anything to do with politics and elections, given the 2020 election and the angry Republican rhetoric and lies following the defeat of the former president –  and then the January 6 insurrection.

And there is also the  2021 state of affairs in Washington and Harrisburg, where Republican legislative followers of #45 would rather nothing gets done.  Everyone is looking to 2022 when new legislative districts will be drawn and “mid-term” election battles fought.

BUT – we do have an important election this year to determine whether Chester County will continue to lead the state in employment, median income, health, and (we believe) happiness. Republican politicians – who in the history of the area generally use county offices for party patronage and to build their pensions rather than do the hard work of governing – are lining up to “take back Chester County”. And people with no agenda other than to fight for their freedom to infect others with Covid, or disrupt school board meetings in West Chester and Downingtown over a lie about Critical Race Theory are ready to take over offices with their angry brand of Trumpism – but no desire to keep our communities and schools the best in the state. The fact is – Democrats Deliver!

So we – the East and West Bradford Democrats – ask for you to exercise this fundamental voting right on November 2 (7am-8pm) and vote for the Democratic slate.

But voting by mail is super safe and easy, and you won’t need to worry about the weather or unvaccinated voters in line. Simply sign up at  Once you have received, completed, and mailed or turned in your ballot before November 2, you can sit back, feel good about your vote, and easily track the status online.

You can check out sample ballots and correspond with your precinct committee people here.

Congratulations to May 18 Democratic Primary Election Candidates – Looking Towards November

Thanks to all Dem voters who voted in-person or by mail on May 18! Turnout in Chester County was 29%, and 48% of that was mail-in ballots.

Congratulations to those earning spots on the November 2, 2021 General Election Ballot:

PA State and County races—

PA Supreme Court: Maria McLaughlin 
PA Superior Court: Timika Lane
PA Commonwealth Court: Lori Dumas and David Spurgeon

Chester County Treasurer  (incumbent): Patricia Maisano
Chester County Controller (incumbent): Margaret Reif
Chester County Clerk of Courts (incumbent): Yolanda Van de Krol
Chester County Coroner: Sophia Garcia-Jackson

Court of Common Pleas: Alita Rovito and Tony Verwey

Local Races—

Magisterial District Judge, 15-1-01:  Marc J Lieberman

East Bradford Supervisor: Bruce Laverty
West Bradford Supervisor: Kelly Jurs

WCASD School  Director, Region 3: Laura Detre and Carrie Stare
DASD School Director, Region 8: Mindy Ross


For those who plan to vote at the polls on Tuesday, please stop by the Bradford Democrats table at your voting location  and check out our sample ballot. This will help you navigate your vote to tell the real Democrats from the cross-filed Republicans on your Democratic Party ballot for judicial and school director races.

If you signed up to Vote by Mail and have not mailed or dropped off your completed (and signed) ballot, it is too late to mail it, but you still have the option to drop it in a Chester County Voter Services Dropbox, with the nearest most likely most likely at the Downingtown Library (122 Wallace Avenue) or Chester County Government Center building at 601 Westtown Road in West Chester.

Need to see the sample ballot for your precinct? Look here.

Not sure where you vote? Check here.


(Press Release)

Recent untruthful mailers from non-endorsed candidate
Dan Hollander claim to be only Democrat on ballot

West Chester, PA (May 2, 2021) – Voters should know the truth and recognize attempts to mislead them. Fact: Marc Lieberman is the only Democratic candidate for Judge of Magisterial District 15-1-
01 endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC). Mr. Lieberman has been an active, contributing member of the Bradford Democrats as a volunteer and fundraiser for our
candidates. He was a founding member of the Proven Judges PAC which helped elect Democratic judges endorsed by CCDC.
Democratic Committeepersons met and vetted the candidates and formally endorsed Marc  Lieberman, considering his decades of diverse legal experience handling thousands of cases applicable to the role of MDJ, his professional and ethical conduct, and his proven Democratic  values, such as a commitment to moving toward cashless bail, supporting mental health and treatment courts, and support of weddings for all.

Since the February Endorsement Convention, Marc Lieberman has been endorsed by other prominent elected Democrats such as Chesco Sheriff Fredda Maddox, Clerk of Court Yolanda Van de
Krol, Register of Wills Michele Vaugh, Recorder of Deeds Chris Pielli, and Prothonotary Debbie Bookman.

The Bradford Democrats denounce the misleading and manipulative tactics seen during this primary season. Judges are obligated to respect the facts and exhibit judicial temperament. We stand by our endorsement of Marc Lieberman as the one candidate for District Court 15-1-01 who has been forthright with voters.

Tuesday, May 18 is the Pennsylvania Primary. The last day to apply for a Mail-in ballot from Chester County Voter Services is May 11.

The Bradford Democrats believe in Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all Americans regardless of what they believe, who they are, or where they came from. Find them online at