Ready to Make History?

Friends of Bradford Democrats: You know how important the November 8 General Election is.  The Bradford Dems are working hard preparing to get our voters to the polls.  We can use your help in several ways if you have some time to help out. Email us at or call Kevin Houghton at 610 368-7345 for more information.

Canvassing and phone banking

We have begun knocking on doors every weekend for our PA 158th candidate, Susan Rzucidlo.  She is a small business owner in southern Chester County, and a long-time advocate in Harrisburg for special needs children and adults. Her opponent, Eric Roe, is quite simply – unqualified. Canvassers will receive training, a script, and walk list. If you would rather make phone calls, we can set you up with a script and auto-dialing website.

Newsletter and Sample Ballot Letter Stuffing – October 25, 8:00 PM

We can use some volunteers to help with assembling and labeling our newsletter and sample ballot mailing. The stuffing party and sign pickup will be at our regular meeting location on Tuesday, October 25.  Business meeting begins at 7:00, with letter stuffing at 8:00 at the Old Schoolhouse across from the East Bradford Township Building, 666 Copeland School Road.

Volunteering at the Polls on Election Day

Democrats love to see fellow Democrats at the polls. If you have a couple hours to spare to hand out candidate literature and sample ballots, please let us know of your availability on November 8. You’ve probably heard of Donald Trump’s threats to “monitor” Pennsylvania polls to make sure the election is not “rigged”, so you know we want to have a strong presence at the polls to report this kind of behavior to our county Voter Protection legal team.

Show your support with a Yard Sign

We have just acquired some “Clinton/Kaine 2016” lawn signs and are asking for a $5 donation for each one, to help defray our mailing costs. We also have local candidates’ signs. We can deliver them to you in the next several weeks or you can pick them up at our next meeting (details below).  If you are interested in a drop-off we need a day and time when you will be home (email

Save the Date: Summer “Get Fired Up” Celebration – Saturday, July 30, 2016 12-4 at West Bradford Shadyside Park

The Democratic National Convention is coming soon – July 25-28 in Philadelphia!  To kick off what we all are sure is going to be an exciting political season right up to November 8, we’re getting “Fired Up” just two days after the convention at our annual Summer Celebration. You won’t want to miss this! Save the July 30 date – more to come soon.

2016 Summer Mixer


Republican Candidate for PA 158th withdraws name from Primary Election Ballot

Voters should evaluate and choose elected officials based on their trustworthiness and their ability to make good judgments and follow the rule of law. Republican candidate for the 158th Lenny Rivera chose to ignore and/or violate election laws with regard to the submission of signatures in the nominating petition process and rather than face court action has chosen to remove his name from the April 26 ballot.

Mr. Rivera submitted signed petitions for his candidacy to be notarized and claimed to have circulated them himself but had not and was caught.  This is not only poor and non-ethical behavior for a state legislator candidate; in doing so, he knowingly made sworn false statements to a public notary. This illegal behavior should not be rewarded with a free pass to be on the ballot April 26, and should his expected write-in campaign be successful, voters should seriously question his honesty and integrity on November 8th, particularly given the current lack of trust state voters have in their legislators in Harrisburg to pass a realistic budget.

Democrats play by the rules; so should the Republicans, especially given their previous abuse of the election schedule in withdrawing a flawed 2014 candidate for this seat nearly two months after the state-mandated deadline and inserting one who did not go through the primary process. For County Republican Chair Val DiGiorgio to say on Wednesday that Democrats are “playing political games” in disclosing clearly unlawful behavior is disingenuous.

Democrat Susan Rzucidlo is a strong advocate in Harrisburg for those in society least able to care for themselves. She has demonstrated integrity, knowledge and concern for voter issues, made clear her positions, and conducted several hard, well-run campaigns against Chris Ross, a long-term moderate Republican incumbent. The retiring Ross may have deserved and received a pass to go to Commonwealth Court to have his name added to the November 2014 ballot when another candidate removed himself after all reasonable deadlines had passed and absentee ballots had to be retrieved, reprinted and mailed at taxpayer expense. But Lenny Rivera had a well-documented process to follow and had plenty of time to do it correctly. Any additional effort required on his behalf to get on the general election ballot because of failure to follow the law is his own fault.

Brian J. McGinnis Chair, Chester County Democratic Committee

Thanks for attending our 2016 Kickoff Party – a tremendous success!

Thanks to all of the E & W Bradford Dems, residents, committee people and especially the candidates who came to our 2016 Kickoff Party on January 15th.  Over 60 attendees shared interesting conversations, enjoyed food & drink, and listened to an exciting slate of 2016 Democrats. Many went home with raffle prizes.  Special thanks to our host Bret Binder of Windon Hall!

Nearly every candidate who will be on our April 26th Primary Election ballots attended and shared their vision for Chester County, Pennsylvania, and the USA.  Thanks to Adm. Joe Sestak and Katie McGinty (US Senate), Mike Parrish and Lindy Li (US 6th), Mary Ellen Balchunis and Bill Golderer (US 7th), Sen. Andy Dinniman (PA 19th), Nancy Dean (PA 13th), Mayor Carolyn Comitta (PA 156th), Hans van Mol (PA 157th), Susan Rzucidlo (PA 158th) for attending.  We wish them all luck!