This November 5 we will be voting in the 2019 Municipal Election. These are important offices, as they set policy for school districts, statewide judges, and Chester County Row offices and the Court of Common Pleas. Our candidates include:

County Commissioners (the Nov. ballot has two D’s and two R’s, of whom top three win) – Josh Maxwell and Marian Moskowitz
Judge of the PA Superior Court (vote for 2) – Amanda Green-Hawkins and Daniel D McCaffery
Chesco Court of Common Pleas (vote for 2) – Bret Binder & Analisa Sondergaard
Chesco District Attorney Debra Ryan
Chesco ProthonotaryDebbie Bookman
Chesco Recorder of DeedsChris Pielli
Chesco Register of WillsMichele Vaughn
Chesco SheriffFredda Maddox
West Chester Area School District School Board Director, Region 3Laura Detre
Downingtown Area School District School Board Directors Region 8Janine Galen, and Region 9Joyce Houghton
East Bradford Township SupervisorRob Partridge (write-in)
West Bradford Township SupervisorKevin Houghton
Township Auditors

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