2022 Election (Primary May 17, General Nov . 8)

Important 2022 Elections Ahead
for East & West Bradford:

This year, we will be voting in the May 17 Primary Election to nominate Democrats for the following elected positions:

Governor (retaining control of the Executive to protect residents from an extreme far right legislature)
Lt. Governor
US Senate (replacing Pat Toomey with a Democrat)
US Congress (currently the US 6th; depending on redistricting, may be one or two seats)
PA General Assembly (currently the 158th; depending on redistricting, may be one or two seats)
PA Senate (currently the 19th; depending on redistricting, may be one or two seats)
Precinct Committeepersons
PA Dems State Committeepersons

The redistricting process was a long and difficult one, as the Republican Legislature worked hard to select maps that give a significant partisan advantage to their party.

The results, fortunately, are maps that are not perfect but restore some balance to the Pennsylvania electorate. Chester County remains wholly within the US 6th Congressional District, a seat currently held by Democrat Chrissy Houlahan.

With the new legislative maps, East & West Bradford remain in State Senate District 19, currently held by Democrat Carolyn Comitta; this is a four year term, and is not open for election this year.

East Bradford will move from the 156th Legislative District to the 156th, an open seat this year with the retirement of Dianne Herrin; current Chester County Recorder of Deeds Chris Pielli is running unopposed in the Primary Election to represent the district next year.

West Bradford remains in the 158th Legislative District currently represented by Democrat Christina Sappey, running for re-election.

Also on the ballot are local precinct Democratic Committeepersons; if you see open seats and have an interest in political engagement, please consider a write-in campaign (only 10 votes are needed) or a later appointment to the position.

This election will also have Democratic State Committee members on the ballot, with the top five vote-getting males and females representing the county in Harrisburg. We have met most of these candidates and have recommendations on our sample ballots.

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