Qualified, Tested, Proven – our Chester County Democratic Party Candidates


Dear fellow Democrat,

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting and historic year to be a Democrat in Chester County.

With important elections on the ballot for countywide and judicial offices, Democrats have a historic opportunity to make gains in what has been a one-party government for far too long.

Our full slate of Democratic candidates bring real-world experience to the table, something their opponents in the fall cannot say themselves.

While our team has spent years working in their community, their Republican opponents’ only experience is working for their party, and not in the real world. Our Democratic team has never been handed a job because of their party registration; they’ve worked hard in the private sector, and now they want to work hard for you.

Republicans have controlled county government for over 150 years. When one party controls anything for too long, it breeds corruption, patronage, and complacency. It’s time for a change, and your Democratic team in 2015 is ready to bring that change.

Control of Chester County isn’t the only thing at stake in 2015, though. With three seats on the Supreme Court and two other seats on appeals courts up for election this year, 2015 has the potential to fundamentally change the Pennsylvania judicial system. If things don’t go our way, we will once again face Republican gerrymandering when redistricting comes up the next time. And important issues like Voter ID and reproductive rights will be decided by a Republican court.

But it does not have to be that way. Our team of hard-working Democrats is going up against a powerful, entrenched political machine here in Chester County, but with your support they have a real chance to break through in 2015.

Commissioner: Kathi Cozzone & Bill Scott

Court of Common Pleas: Julia Malloy-Good

District Attorney: Tom Purl

Sheriff: James Bell

Register of Wills: Lani Frank

Recorder of Deeds: Hans van Mol

Prothonotary: Tisha Brown

Supreme Court: Kevin Dougherty, Anne Lazarus, & David Wecht

Superior Court: Alice Beck Dubow

Commonwealth Court: Todd Eagen

Chester County Democratic Committee 610-692-5811


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Where is your voting location?

East Bradford North-1 (East Bradford Elementary School (map))

East Bradford North-2 (East Bradford Township Building (map))

East Bradford South-1 (Hillsdale Elementary School (map)NEW

East Bradford South-2 (Hillsdale Elementary School (map))

West Bradford 1 (West Bradford Fire Hall (map))

West Bradford 2 (West Bradford Township Building (map))

West Bradford 3 (West Bradford Elementary School (map))

West Bradford 4 (West Bradford Fire Sub Station (map))

West Bradford 5 (West Bradford Elementary School (map))

Guest Speaker Series

A new feature of our monthly meetings will be our guest speaker series. These will be local residents with expertise and insight into issues that affect our community.

January 7 – Tom Casey – Proposed Sunoco Pipeline in Goshen Township

Tom is director of the Chester County Community Coalition, a local not-for-profit group working to inform residents about Sunoco Pipeline’s quest for public utility status for its Mariner East Project. Construction of this pipeline will run adjacent to East Bradford Township and will include a newly constructed pumping station in West Goshen Township.

February 4 – Kim Slocum – Term Care—Healthcare’s Bermuda Triangle

Kim will be speaking on the benefits of Long Term Health Care, the issues and challenges facing long term health care policy, some of the existing responses and a national-level policy solution. Kim is the author of ‘Consumer Directed Health Care, A 360 Degree View’, and President of KDS Consulting, LLC. His work involves health care policy and strategy and he advises health plans, providers, medical technology firms, and industry trade associations on emerging issues in the field. Mr. Slocum is a Fellow Member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) as well as a former member of the Society’s Board of Directors. He is also the Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the Texas Health Institute in Austin. He received his BA from the State University of New York at Geneseo and his Master’s in Business Administration from Xavier University. He has addressed audiences such as the National Governors’ Association, the National Lieutenant Governors’ Association, the Deputy Commissioners of the Food and Drug Administration, US Senate Staffers, and several state legislatures.

March 4 – Bret Binder – Brandywine Valley Business Council

Bret will be speaking about the startup business group, Brandywine Valley Business Council, a business group friendlier to Democratic ideals than the Chamber of Commerce, of which he is a co-founder. Bret is also the founder and managing member of Binder & Canno, LLC, a law firm located in East Bradford Township. Before founding his law firm, Bret was law clerk to Justice Sandra Schultz Newman of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He credits his interest in the law to his father, David F. Binder, Esquire (author of “The Hearsay Handbook” and “Binder on Evidence”). He was the Democratic candidate for the 156th District State House in 2012. He frequently hosts Democratic events at Windon Hall, his historic home in East Bradford Township.